Digital Marketing Trends 2018 | Value4Brand

Digital Marketing Trends 2018 | Value4Brand

The digital world is ever evolving and so brands needs to adopt these changes to remain in the market. Every other month, social media platforms roll out new features that can majorly effect positively or negatively to brand.Best digital marketing agency in Delhi has to be on toes by staying updated about new Digital Marketing Trends. In 2018, digital marketing or the social media platform witness some new changes like the introduction of IGTV, Snapchat introducing voice responsive lens, LinkedIn adopting ad format, etc. There are many things are introduced on digital medium. To adopt this and succeed in marketing is important.


Let us now check some of the new Digital Marketing Trends 2018:

  1. Instagram adding Facebook Share Button to Stories:   

Since the Facebook acquired Instagram there are new things happening in the photo sharing platform. In 2018, Instagram rolled out stories and then the sharing of these stories on Facebook. If you haven’t noticed this yet, then go and share your stories now so your Facebook friends can check out.

  1. Facebook Tests Review Scores on Business Pages:

Recently, Facebook added a new feature for business pages to turn on review score in place of star ratings. Earlier, ratings were done on five-point scale, but the new review scores based on 10-point scale and weight multiple scores. This also includes recommendations and reviews.

  1. Snapchat’s Send and Review Location Tool :  

Snapchat users can allow users sending on-going real-time locations to friend. This shows up on Snap Map within the message thread. This is quite an exciting change or introduction to see on Snapchat and increase the communication level.

  1. Pinterest Testing Screen-Wide Promoted Video Ads: 

Pinterest announced the testing of offering advertisers a promoted video tool with full width of screen on mobile device. The new ad unit is being tested among handful of marketers including P&G, American Express, Chevrolet, etc.

  1. Facebook Testing Instant Articles Builder Tool:

Facebook is set to introduce Instant Article Builder, an open-source desktop app enabling publishers to generate instant from existing mobile site. This could be helpful for business pages to promote in Digital Marketing Trends.

  1. Instagram Sharing Ranking Criteria for Algorithm: 

Instagram, which is widely used by brands today, is rolling out feature that shares ranking criteria for algorithm. There are three important considerations determining you to see in Instagram- Interest, Recency, and Relationship in Digital Marketing Trends.

  1. Facebook Introduces Bidding for In-App Ads:

Facebook Audience Network announced that it supports bidding for in-app advertising. With this new system, ad networks will be able to engage in real-time bidding to complete available ad impressions.

  1. Facebook enforcing new requirements for Custom Audience Targeting:

From July 2, 2018, advertisers are required to provide complete information about the origin of the audience, while uploading new customer file directly from customers. Facebook will later share the source and specify if advertisers are successfully able to reach out the audience through various ways.

  1. Instagram expanding to Shoppable Tags to Stories: 

Instagram is expanding shoppable tags where the user if sees any sticker with shopping bag icon on the story can tap on the icon to get more information about the product.