Digital Marketing trends to look up to in 2019

Digital Marketing trends to look up to in 2019

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Under the ambit of Digital Marketing comes SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, and more, this is drastically evolving. There may have been times when almost every Digital Marketing agency could have been using a few common, famous tactics but now that time is long gone and neither these agencies nor any business can avoid it.

Digital Marketing trends 2019

There is always something new happening in the field of digital marketing, and to keep one updated the source can be YouTube, related magazines, workshops, and blogs etc. Trends keep changing every year, and you have to find out which one aligns with your business the most.

Here are a few trends according to a prominent Digital marketing agency in Delhi, which can’t be avoided in 2019. Let us check them out-

Chatbots- For those who do not know how chatbot helps and why its popularity is continually increasing- bots reduce human involvement and at the same time give a personalized service to every client. Currently, they are being easily integrated with social media platforms, applications, and website while keeping a lid on the budget. According to estimation, engagement or business communication with clients via bots will increase by 80 % in the coming 5 years. The information collected can be used by business houses for tailoring their marketing strategies. As chatbots are being preferred by clients for its timely reply, businesses must integrate themselves with it and increase its role while communicating.

Progressive Web Applications- By the year 2020 almost two-thirds of purchase on e-commerce would be using smartphones, so smartphones will obviously play a very important role in Digital Marketing’s arena in coming years. While offline the PWA’s allows us to download and save things also they can be wish listed, but currently, payment cannot be made on PWA. In the year 2019, we will witness many prominent names like Triage integrating online payment with the PWA.

Voice search- Voice commands are undoubtedly gaining prominence for the convenience it offers to the world where we all are multitasking. Speaking obviously becomes easier and quicker than typing, which is its benefit. “Very soon more than 50% of the searches will be made using Voice search” as quoted by a team member of a prominent digital marketing agency in Delhi. Siri, Google assistant, and Bixby are well-known products, still, people are unaware of the potential of voice search and what all can be done using it. 2019 and coming years will witness a revolution around it.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning- Technology has played an impressive role in helping organizations to deliver to their clients with a unique touch of personalization on the basis of data collected. On the basis of the activities undertaken by clients market-learning algorithms using mathematical formulas create a unique experience for individuals.AI and Ml will create a more advanced pre-programmed base algorithms using collaborative filtering and decision trees couples with chatbots. Great Possibilities!

Voice Search will be on Rise– According to one research, one third of 3.5 billion searches performed are through voice searches. Today, with the availability of gadgets like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, user can easily search for things you are looking for. In 2019, Voice Recognition search is expected to grow and improve helping digital marketers to designs marketing strategies.