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Digital PR

What is Digital PR ?

Digital PR is the combination of  Traditional PR , Content Marketing and Social Media and Search.In today’s digital world Online PR plays an important role for the corporate and business. It not only help companies to connect with their audience at the domestic market but they can also reach out at International market.

Why it is important?

In Earlier times the traditional way to spread the word was the Press Releases in News papers and other physical resources but in today’s Digital World things are changing day by day and the concept of DIGITAL PR is evolving. It can help corporate to play digitally and the beauty of Online PR is that it is not restricted to one platform , it can get released at numerous and relevant platforms in one time. It is also Cost Effective and can also be released at many search engines. Value4Brand help you to create a strong content and manage the PR campaigns online.

Factors for a successful PR :

  1. Strong Unique Content.
  2. Selection of Target Audience.
  3. Selection of Right Platform for release.
  4. The story should be engaging.
  5. Right use of keyword for Optimization.
  6. And the most important is the promotion of the PR via using Social Media and ORM.

Benefits of Digital PR:

  1. High Reach : Digital PR help companies to reach out to the wide audience as 3.2 billion internet users using online platform.
  2. Wide Exposure: It give wide exposure to the companies where they can promote their business international also.
  3. Great ORM Exercise : Online PR is a great ORM Exercise which help companies to manage their negative content.
  4. Easily Trackable: The beauty of Online PR is that it can be tracked easily by social media monitoring. The companies can easily track the reviews , shares , user engagements.
  5. Traffic Building : With the help of Online PR the traffic can be increased on websites as it gives backlinks for SEO.

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