Finding the Difference between PR and Online Reputation Management

Finding the Difference between PR and Online Reputation Management

PR and Online Reputation Management

Difference between PR and Online Reputation Management

There is a difference when you look for an online reputation management service and PR service. PR firms are more into creating relationship and marketing of service on online and offline platform. Online reputation management, on the other hand, is about eliminating negative publicity and promoting the brand online. The main aim of online reputation management firm is to create a good reputation of the firm online. People are quite confused between the two due to the similarity.

The Difference between PR and ORM-

ORM agency normally won’t call up any newspaper to post a marketing ad of the brand, whereas the PR firm would call up the agency and ask to post ad. They don’t engage in manipulating third-party online visibility of dozens of website to improve the reviews.

ORM works behind the scene, and PR works on spotlight-

Companies that have limited financial resources won’t spend much on TV spots, billboards, and banner things. This is when PR and ORM come in to the role. ORM works entirely online to create awareness about the brand and products to help it reach maximum audience and have good reputation in the market. The ORM team checks the status of brand reputation and if any negative publicity is taking place. If yes, the team works to improve it using different measures.

PR, on the other hand, works on having communication between clients and marketing agency. The aim is to create awareness of things happening around.

What is ORM?

ORM is a technical process of PR and tends to be quite and behind the scene. The promotion is done on social media platform. ORM leverages SEO, Content Management and social media to improve the image of brand. It is quite similar to PR, but engages more technical aspect in nature. Some of the campaign techniques include-

  • Negative content removal
  • Technical PR
  • SEO and marketing
  • Systematic, scheduled publication and broadcasting of finished content

What is PR?

PR is basically a strategic communication process that helps to build mutually beneficial relationships between organization and the public. The main aim of PR is to improve the public image of person or an organization.

Core components of PR Campaign-

  • Comprehensive assessment of persons or organization among peers, prospective clients, and customers producing honest readout of strengths and weakness
  • Public communication policies limiting to unsanctioned or off-brand statements by employees or associates
  • Media interviews
  • Public functions and events

PR and ORM two sides of coin-

Both carry the same aim and the content creating and marketing is the important part in ORM and PR. So in shot, both PR and ORM are two sides of coin. When you look for ORM or PR agency, make sure to hire well experienced team to get promising result.

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