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One of the biggest brands of education and the founder’s name got involved in various scams which were denied but its competitor generated a lot of traction of the same over the internet. Also the AICTE, governing board in India had issues with them which further increased the defaming content on internet. Some of its own students also turned against and started posting content which was hurting the image of our customer..

After doing a reputation analysis, we have tracked all the URL’s which came on search of the education company’s search which had defaming content. Then we have identified the links to be removed and others to be tackled by using Tactical SEO. A major removal of links in a time frame of 5 months had happened. We brought up the positive content on top page of the brand name. Bought URL’s and adding smart content on searches such as scam, complaints etc. Now the business is on the way and a lot of student admissions are going on.

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